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Shipping and Delivery


We at Oculos take pride in the quality of our product along with our exceptional shipping times. Please be patient with the arrival of shipments as some suppliers we use to create our handcrafted lens', are experiencing delays on their end. Please note that shipping may take up to 3 weeks or more. But no worries! You will be updated every step of the way. Thank you for understanding during this tumultuous time.


Message from the Co-Founder and Owner about Orders Being Delayed due to COVID-19

We understand the frustration, the heartache and the lack of patience the current pandemic has on everyone. As the illness affects everyone differently and forced delays in shipping, it also forced delays in manufacturing and production. Orders that have been placed in the peak months of April and May have experienced unprecedented delays completely out of our understanding and control. We worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of the products and the customer experience with Oculos Glasses, and moved productions and manufacturing within the U.S. to ensure that the shipping delays made before, will never occur again. Because our customers come first. For this we appreciate your patience and we confidently can say that you will receive your Oculos Glasses and accessories. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach us at support@oculosglasses.com or my personal email at vincent@oculosglasses.com. During these trying times we must all be understanding, compassionate, and come together as one. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


Free Domestic & International Shipping

We offer Free International Shipping to over 38 different countries. Our shipping time generally takes 7-14 business days. To check up on your order you can refer to the Order Tracking page to get up to date notifications on where exactly your order is!